Yanbaru Art Festival 2023-2024

Yanbaru Art Festival 2024

An exchange event that connects the charms of Yanbaru and art, with the aim of becoming a source of new art.

This year’s theme is “karii nu gen.”
We aim to make “karii”, which means good luck in the Okinawan dialect, and “Yanbaru”, the rich natural origin of Okinawa’s water source, become sources of new art.

In addition to exhibiting artists’ works, you can also enjoy exhibitions and sales of Okinawan crafts, workshops, and food.

Yanbaru Art Festival 2024

Event period

Saturday, January 20, 2024 – Sunday, February 25, 2024


The event will be held at a total of 10 locations including local shopping streets, sake breweries, and accommodation facilities, with the main venue being the former Shioya Elementary School in Ogimi Village.

Main venue

Ogimi Village Old Shioya Elementary School
Opening hours: 11:00-17:00
Admission fee: General 500 yen / Okinawa residents 300 yen / Free for high school students and under
Closed: Every Tuesday and Wednesday

Enjoy sightseeing in northern Okinawa during the Yanbaru Art Festival

OkuMasa, a restaurant that uses island ingredients, is located in Okuma, Kunigami Village, Yanbaru.
If you want to enjoy the unique flavors of Yanbaru, please make a reservation at OkuMasa for lunch or dinner.

By the way, Okuma Illumination is being held at Okuma Private Beach & Resort grounds until February 29, 2024.

Illuminations that shine at night in Yanbaru.
It is an illumination night unique to a tropical resort, where the hotel’s front rotary is decorated with warm lights that harmonize with nature, such as the banyan tree in the garden.
Enjoy a romantic night stroll at the northernmost illumination spot in Okinawa Prefecture.

Masataka Arasaki


Masataka Arasaki

Masataka is a chef who lives with two cats.