Lunch set

Today’s appetizer platter

soup of the day

Main (choose what you like)
Island vegetable peperoncino
Genovese – OkuMasa style
smoked chicken doria

*You can change the main dish for an additional charge.
+ Kimagure tomato sauce (¥200)
+Carbonara – homemade pancetta (¥300)
+Yanbaru chicken steak (¥300)
+Motobu beef and Agu bolognese (¥500)

Handmade Sorbet

Drink (choose what you like)
Coffee, Black tea, Roselle tea, Sanpin tea
mango, passion fruit, guava
cola, calpico soda, calpico

1780 yen (1950 including tax)

For lunch, we have Chicken steak set and A la carte Pasta.

Dinner Menu

Today’s appetizer platter
Bruschetta of the day

soup of the day

Hitosara of the day

Island vegetable peperoncino
Genovese-style linguine with seasonal island vegetables
Kimagure tomato(+¥200)
Carbonara homemade suuchica (+¥300)
Motobu beef and Agu bolognese (+¥500)

Today’s dessert

3620 yen (3980 including tax)

Menus that can be added by advance reservation

  • Motobu beef steak 4000 yen~
    Motobu beef fillet, Motobu beef sirloin, Motobu beef rump, etc.
    *Price varies depending on the part and number of grams at the time of arrival.
    *Please let us know as soon as possible as it may be in stock.
  • Yanbaru chicken steak 1500 yen
  • Ryukyu native Agu back rib grill “approx. 700g” 3000 yen~

*Dinner menus can be changed flexibly with advance reservations.
For example, fish dishes include aqua pazza. 2 people ~. *Ingredients may change depending on the arrival status of the day.
Dishes for children include hamburgers and fried shrimp. You can also make small amounts of pasta and doria.
If you make a reservation at least one day in advance, we can prepare various other pasta and dishes, so please feel free to contact us.