September 2023

  • 10.3 (Tuesday) and 10.7 (Sat) is “Shabu Shabu Night”

    That is good news for ShabuMasa fans. About dinner on October 3rd (Tuesday) and October 7th (Saturday).OkuMasa will hold an event where you can enjoy ShabuMasa’s Agu Shabu Shabu course. The regular OkuMasa lunch and dinner will be closed on that day, and we will focus on shabu-shabu dinner. The number of seats is limited,…

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  • Night Cafe & Bookstore

    An unreasonable Google ratin that suddenly occurred yesterday.We feel depressed, quickly closed up the shop and headed to a certain place. Coffee Senti in Motobu Town.Even though it was 7pm, it was very busy. That also should be expected, an event called Night Cafe and Night Bookstore was being held. At an event with Hanauta…

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  • Reset

    An incident occurred today.For the first time, we received a rating of 1 on Google. OkuMasa is a two-person system, and we are open daily with a close relationship with our customers.The store has just started, so there are few customers.We know the status of all our customers.Everyone is satisfied and goes home with a…

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