Iheya village trail 2024

Iheya village trail

A trail run competition set in the ocean and mountains, with lush fields and the blue sea of coral reefs. Let’s run through the Okinawan scenery on Iheya Island, the northernmost inhabited remote island of Okinawa! This is an event called “Let’s walk♪”.

Iheya Island is the origin of the first Sho clan of the Ryukyu Dynasty and is also called “Terushino Island.” “Terushino” is an ancient word for the sun god, and there is also a legend that Amaterasu is said to have hid in Iwato.

Iheya village trail 2024

Event period

Saturday, January 27, 2024


Iheya Island, Okinawa Prefecture
Tomodachi to Kenko Hiroba(main venue)

When you come to northern Okinawa,
To OkuMasa

OkuMasa, a restaurant using island ingredients, is located in Okuma, Kunigami Village.
If you want to enjoy the taste of Yanbaru, please make a reservation at OkuMasa for lunch or dinner.

Masataka Arasaki


Masataka Arasaki

Masataka is a chef who lives with two cats.