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カボチャのような形の赤い果実。独特の風味です。 ピタンガの葉は、抗マラリアの薬として知られます。 また「血の鎮静剤」とも呼ばれ、血管損傷、動脈硬化、心臓病、肝炎、リウマチなどの予防にも役立ちます。




幻の琉球自然薯!滋養強壮スタミナ芋。 沖縄に自生する自然薯の一種で、栄養価が非常に高いことで知られます。 沖縄方言で「クガ」とは男性の睾◯のことです。 長いもや大和いものように生食できます。


ミジュンは、ニシン科ニシン目。いわしに似た沖縄ではポピュラーな魚です。 小魚をからあげに。塩漬けし、オリーブオイルに浸してアンチョビ風にも。



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Casual Restaurant

New and Rustic

Freshly picked island vegetables.
Yanbaru chicken, Agu pork, and Motobu beef.
We pursue the true taste of each dish.

Seasonal island vegetables Genovese style
OkuMasa exterior

Landmark is the ryukyu-pine

A village where the atmosphere of the past remains strong.
Kunigami Village is surrounded by forest and sea.

A natural white sand beach, the emerald green East China Sea.
The blue of the coral reef and the deep green of the subtropics.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you will be healed by a location full of natural beauty.

Very close to Okuma Private Beach & Resort and the Yuiyui Kunigami Roadside Station. The casual style makes it easy to visit even with small children. Perfect for those who want to enjoy a relaxing Okinawan lunch or dinner.

Up to 24 people, a small group reserved for private use OK

The interior has warm white clay walls.
The use of old wood and Ryukyu Matsu creates an atmosphere that seems to be somewhere in the Mediterranean.
There is also a central table with driftwood art, three chaise-long tables, and seating for two.

Yanbaru is also called the Galapagos of the East,
A treasure trove of rare flora and fauna that only live here.

After enjoying a variety of marine activities, trekking around waterfalls, and more, enjoy the bounty of nature to your heart’s content at OkuMasa.

Private charter is also flexibly available upon request.
Please feel free to contact us.

OkuMasa interior

island food expert

OkuMasa opened in June 2023.
The owner-chef is Masataka Arasaki, known for the reservation-only restaurant ShabuMasa.

ShabuMasa overturns the traditional shabu-shabu concept and mainly serves fresh island vegetables grown in Yanbaru. It has become popular among Okinawa repeat customers and shabu-shabu fans as a unique restaurant where you can enjoy seasonal island vegetables with special Agu.

This new dining restaurant values Okinawa’s traditions and food culture, passing on classical techniques to the younger generation and cultivating experts in island ingredients. And we will increase the number of good restaurants that can offer simple and fresh flavors rooted in the region.

Our foundation is the ingredients grown with care by the people of this island and the local culture they love. The islanders’ components, attitudes, and thoughts toward their work are taken into account, and the elements are taken seriously and reflected in the cuisine.

We go to great lengths for locals and guests from all over the world.
We aim to provide heartfelt cuisine with craftsmanship and a warm, homely side.