Year-end greetings for 2023

The final business of the year has ended successfully, and there are only a few days left for this year.
We want to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who visited OkuMasa this year for their patronage.

This year, we opened a new restaurant, OkuMasa, in Okuma, Kunigami Village.

Since the opening of OkuMasa, from residents and Okinawa repeat visitors who visit Okuma every year, we have been profoundly relieved that we can receive voices of joy every day.

Although I was inexperienced, I was able to take a new step as a manager. We sincerely ask that you continue to watch over our future and provide us with your warm support.

Various things happened when opening the OkuMasa, including the temporary closure of ShabuMasa, increased employees, and expanded collaborative partners. Thanks to our colleagues and partner businesses’ support and cooperation, we can carry out various business activities.
Thank you always so much.

In the future, we will continue to work more closely with the local community to develop our business that brings vitality and charm to northern Okinawa. We look forward to your continued patronage, guidance, and support.

Masataka Arasaki


Masataka Arasaki

Masataka is a chef who lives with two cats.