Night Cafe & Bookstore

An unreasonable Google ratin that suddenly occurred yesterday.
We feel depressed, quickly closed up the shop and headed to a certain place.

Coffee Senti in Motobu Town.
Even though it was 7pm, it was very busy.

That also should be expected, an event called Night Cafe and Night Bookstore was being held.

At an event with Hanauta Shobo, a small bookstore in Nakijin Village,
They said “Please use it after work or as a time to reset on the weekend.’”

“Oh, this is splendid!!
So it’s an event for us.
Thanks a lot!!”

Therefore, we received a call from a customer to make a reservation, but we declined. We apologize for the inconvenience.
We came here to be soothed by coffee and books.

When I visited the store, I was greeted by Teshigawara-san and Hontatsu.
This is a really nice choice. It’s true. In Japanese, the two kanji “hon” mean “truth”.

Books deepen your thinking.

Books are also encounters.
Books come to me to clarify what is in my head.

I ordered a low-caffeine Brazilian coffee.
Wow, that’s heartwarming.

There are such wonderful person, and there are also strange people.
There are people who work hard for Okinawa, but it is also Okinawans who waste their work.

There will be many more things like this.
I can’t keep worrying about it.
However, for the past few days, we decided to rest our bodies and minds.

I have to prepare myself once again.
OkuMasa must offer food and service that will satisfy your soul. We must be worthy of this.
We must be worthy of this.

We do not import ingredients lavishly.
We will do our best to do what we can with the ingredients we can currently harvest.

For the ingredients of this island, without sparing time and effort
I make dishes as simple as possible with deep flavors.

Even if you don’t know the value of ingredients,
So that you can feel that it is surprisingly delicious
provide it at a reasonable price.

That should be all we have to focus on.


Hanauta Shobo

Night cafe and night bookstore
At COFFEE SENTI (Motobu Town)
9/8 Fri, 9/9 Sat

Masataka Arasaki


Masataka Arasaki

Masataka is a chef who lives with two cats.