An incident occurred today.
For the first time, we received a rating of 1 on Google.

OkuMasa is a two-person system, and we are open daily with a close relationship with our customers.
The store has just started, so there are few customers.
We know the status of all our customers.
Everyone is satisfied and goes home with a smile. I have received repeat orders immediately.

We don’t know anything.
It’s definitely not the people who visited us.
I wonder what went wrong. Something must have happened…

I take cooking seriously, so I really don’t have any extra time.
It shouldn’t be okay to look down on those around you lightly, but…
However, there are some points to reflect on.

We should communicate more about ourselves.
What kind of thinking are we doing?
I didn’t try hard enough to convey it.

So, for a few days from today.
I want to close the store today and only accept reservations from 9.9 (Sat) to 9.11 (Mon).

We needed time to write our thoughts like this.

I also have to take pictures of the dish.

Did we let this restaurant open?
What kind of concept does the restaurant have?
How much commitment is put into the dishes?

I’m sorry that I turned down the person who called me to make a reservation today.
Both of us were surprised today and need a mental reset.

We will make a really delicious dish with a new feeling,
Please call again.
Best regards,

Masataka Arasaki


Masataka Arasaki

Masataka is a chef who lives with two cats.